Link to Burning GirlsPageBurning Girls: 

Directed by Charles Martin & Dexter Fletcher for 20th Century Fox. Starring Samantha Morton & Ruby Stokes.

Link to Electric Dreams PagePhilip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams: 

Directed by Tom Harper for Channel 4. Starring Timothy Spall, Anthony Boyle and Rudi Dharmalingam.

Link to Babylon PageBabylon: 

Directed by Danny Boyle for Channel 4. Starring Nick Blood, Andrew Brooke and Bertie Carvel.

Link to The Wrong Mans PageThe Wrong Mans:

Directed by Jim Field Smith for The BBC. Starring Mathew Baynton, James Corden and Sarah Solemani.

24 Link to The Creatives PageThe Apprentise:

Directed by Andy De Emmony for Talkback. Starring Alan Sugar, Nick Hewer, Mark Halliley.

Link to The Armstrong and Miller Show PageThe Armstrong and Miller Show: 

Directed by Matt Lipsey for Absolutely Productions. Starring Alexander Armstrong, Ben Miller and Jim Howick.

Link to The Crooked Man PageThe Crooked Man:

Directed by David Drury for ARG Productions. Starring Ross Kemp, Liam Cunningham and Natasha Little.

24 Link to Sold PageSold:

Directed by Barnaby Southcombe for Joe Sen for Touchpaper TV. Starring Dan Johnston, Kris Marshall and Ella Smith.

Link to Rose & Maloney PageRose & Maloney:

Directed by Ferdinand Fairfax, Roger Garland and Andrew Grieve for Company Pictures and Stormdog Films. Starring Sarah Lancashire, Philip Davis and Nisha Nayar.

Link to Second Generation PageSecond Generation:

Directed by Joe Sen for Oxford Films. Starring Radhika Aggarwal, Lalita Ahmed and Joanna Bacon.